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The drafting of a will is essential to protect your family, your property, and your assets. Establishing a will may be one of the most important things you do for your family and loved ones. Not only does the completion of a comprehensive will bring you great peace of mind, but it also ensures that the loved ones left behind are well cared for. A comprehensive will can enable your loved ones to receive the benefits you desire for them and can spare your loved ones the time and expense associated with probate.

The importance of creating a will cannot be overstated. At the law office of Frederick A. Costello, we have extensive experience in creating a will that meets your needs. We will help you with naming an Executor and Personal Representative, with determining Guardianship of children, with creating an Advanced Health care Directive, and with the disposing of property.

The law office of Frederick A. Costello will work with you to create a will, or to modify your current will, in order to clearly state your intentions. Contact us today to set up your will. The peace of mind you will feel upon completion is certainly worth the minimal time required to establish a comprehensive will.

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