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Custody and Visitation

Determining custody and visitation following a separation or divorce can be determined amicably and informally or can be the most difficult and emotional challenge that parents must face. Either way, the best way to determine custody and visitation is legally, and the law office of Frederick A. Costello is here to help.

Your child deserves legal and determined custody and visitation arrangements in order to maintain stability for your child. We will work to be sure that the best interests of the child are met in a way that satisfies your desire. There are many different types of custody arrangements, and at the law office of Frederick A. Costello we will work with you to arrange the best type of arrangement for your family with the courts.

Whether you are initially deciding on custody and visitation arrangements, or whether you are seeking a modification in your current arrangements, the law office of Frederick A. Costello is here to offer you the advice and legal representation you need. Contact us to handle the legal work in your custody and visitation case.

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