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The decision to divorce is a difficult and emotional decision, and it is imperative that you know your legal rights and options. At the law office of Frederick A. Costello, we are here to help you through this difficult procedure by advocating tirelessly for your best interests and being available to you throughout the divorce proceedings.

At the law office of Frederick A. Costello, you will find that we will work with you through all aspects of your divorce. We understand that each divorce is unique and will work compassionately with you whether your divorce is fairly simple or quite complex. Being experienced in family law, if you have children, we can help address their needs as completely as possibly by dealing with matters relating to child custody and visitation arrangements and child support.

If you are seeking a divorce attorney who will handle your case in a timely manner and with sensitivity while ensuring that the division of your assets and debts is fair and in your best interests, contact us.

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